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Why you should choose a bike-friendly hotel

Are you really into cyclo-tourism? Do you like to include cycling when you plan your holidays? Do you want to try a different, sporty way of exploring your holiday destination? If the answer to any of these three questions is yes, then Grand Luxor Hotel,, located next to the Terra Mítica theme park in Benidorm, might just be what you’re looking for for your next getaway.  We are classed as a bicycle-friendly hotel, so our facilities offer you everything you need so that you can feel like you’re in seventh heaven.

Why choose a hotel for cyclists? What can a specialist hotel offer you that other types of accommodation can’t? In this post we answer all these questions.  And we’ll give you enough reasons to convince you that your active getaway will be even more special if you opt for such an interesting choice.

What is the minimum that a hotel for cyclists should offer?

It’s important to know that bike-friendly hotels boast a quality assurance seal from the Bikefriendly Group, a conglomerate specialising in all type of cyclo-tourism related products and services This group has a network of 300 specialist accommodation providers the length and breadth of Spain aimed at a booming tourism sector which offers a great deal of potential.

To be awarded the seal it is absolutely necessary that the facilities meet a series of minimum requirements, which are: having bike storage, a workshop with tools and spare parts, and cleaning facilities so that guests can tune up their bikes.  Additionally, there must also be information provided on routes to go on in the local area.

Reasons to choose a specialist hotel

At this stage, we probably don’t need to keep on trying to convince you but we’re going to give you a few more reasons to choose a specialist hotel like Grand Luxor Hotel for your holidays in Benidorm.

As you can see, you’ll have everything you need not just to leave your bike in a safe place when you’re not using it but also to fix any issues that might come up, which as a cycling fanatic, you know that there’s always a chance of that happening (punctures, damage, etc.)

What’s more, you’ll have  great information on routes, trails, and roads to use for exploring wonderful places over your stay. In Benidorm, for example, we would recommend you try those such as the one that takes you to Confrides via Tudons, the route to Castell de Guadalest, trips to Carrasqueta, Tollos, Callosa, Jijona, and el Alto del Teix.

At Grand Luxor Hotel we give you information on all the routes you can do, their length in kilometres, their difficulty, places where you really should stop off for a break…  We make it easy for you to discover this area of Alicante while you enjoy doing what you most like.  Call now to make your reservation.

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