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Why should you visit the MACA museum in Alicante?

Alicante is a very versatile city, with many options as regards leisure and entertainment. You can go to the beach, take a trip to the Castle of Santa Barbara, go out to party, stroll through the port and the main streets of the city, or enjoy the rich cuisine of the Mediterranean. In addition, there are several museums that you can visit and that will add something different and rewarding to your stay. Below, we talk about one of the city’s most interesting museums: the MACA museum.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

In Spanish, MACA stands for Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art, a space that was opened in November, 1977 and then reopened, after a break, in 2011. It houses works from various different fields, such as sculpture, painting, performance and different visual arts. On display are some of the best works from artists as renowned as Picasso, Dalí, Joan Miró, Chillida and Tàpies, among many others.

It is worth noting that this 20th-century art museum houses an interesting collection that was donated by the Alicante artist Eusebio Sempere, some of whose pieces are also on display in the museum. There is also a collection of work by the artist Juana Francés.

Reasons to visit the MACA Museum

– It is a museum which is home to pieces from some of contemporary art’s most famous artists, both from Spain and around the world.

– It was reopened nine years ago, so the facilities are modern and cater to the needs of visitors.

– It is a very active museum, in which you can not only find permanent collections (20th Century Art Collection, Juana Francés Collection, Eusebio Sempere Collection and Caja Mediterráneo Collection), but also a series of temporary exhibitions for you to enjoy, which vary depending on when you visit the museum (The Guest Piece, the exhibitions which are part of Sempere Year, No digo más de lo que no digo (I don’t say more than I don’t say), Solo a dos voces (Just two voices), Con el tiempo 2 (With time 2)…).

– It is also an institution which is very active as regards its more educational and pedagogical component, since it gets involved in school and educational programmes. It also runs programmes for the general public, especially educational workshops in which you can learn more about different aspects of life and art. Some of these workshops are: Me visto cubista (I Dress Cubist), Desborde (Overflow), Naturaleza humana (Human Nature), Fora de Sèrie, Miradas de mujer (Women’s Looks) y Sentir que sentimos (Feel That We Feel).

– Furthermore, it takes its responsibilities as regards social engagement and its more human aspect very seriously, since it is also involved in social education, through projects such as Todos MACA or Extrarradio. Mental health.

In short, there are many reasons for you to discover the MACA Museum and have an enjoyable experience that can enrich your trip and give you a different perspective on art and the city. We encourage you to enjoy the experience and we remind you that you can get in touch with the Grand Luxor Hotel to find out more about our offers, availability, prices and much more.

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