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Villajoyosa, an exciting trip

At Grand Luxor Hotel we would like to recommend that, as well as enjoying the shopping and beaches of Benidorm, you visit Villajoyosa. This is a picturesque little town that the whole family will love. And you can stay at the hotel in Terra Mítica, a fun theme park.

A fun getaway

At a family hotel you have entertainment for adults and for children, who have their own special play areas. Villajoyosa can also be an easy to get to, fun getaway just 10 kilometres from Benidorm.

How to get to Villajoyosa?

If you take line 1 of the TRAM, it’s a short journey to the old town in Villajoyosa. As soon as you get there, you can tell you’re in for a good time as it’ll seem like you’re in a game given the colourful houses and the smell of chocolate.

Old town

The traditional colourful house painting stems from the time when fisherman would come back to shore exhausted and want to pick out their small houses as quickly as possible. Nowadays, it has a picturesque look and the doors and windows are painted in contrasting white.

The city’s older buildings are marked by the history of defending against pirates. They form an extensive system of towers along the coast, such as the Torre de Aguilo, and more inland in the orchards, such as the Torre de Dalt. They were used to warn of the coming of invaders. Other defensive structures include the walls and the Asunción church-fortress.


You can also visit the beaches, some of which are huge, such as El Paraíso and El Centro beach. Others, like Bol Nou and Charco y Conill Beach are coves of crystal clear water where you can go diving and fishing. They are close to the town and quite quiet.


The Museum of Chocolate is housed in the Valor chocolate factory, which has been in operation since 1881.There you can see the machines used in bygone days to grind and mix the raw material, the different types of cacao, and the processes involved in making the product.

Vilamuseu is another highly interesting place where you can view a large collection of Punic, Roman, Greek, and Phoenician artefacts, gold jewellery, and a significant haul of Iberian pottery. The Vase of the Threshold of the Afterlife, a piece explaining the soul’s last voyage according to the ancient population’s belief system is the stand-out piece.

Moors and Christians

These festivities have been held for more than 250 years to commemorate a miracle performed by Santa Marta. She protected the town from a Berber attack in 1538, which led to her being named its patron saint. They were declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest and begin with a procession of Moors and Christians through the streets.

On the morning of the third day there is a spectacular landing which forms part of the battle to take the castle, which eventually returns to Christian hands.

Grand Luxor Hotel offers you accommodation you can use to visit local sites of interest and a hotel for children in Benidorm.

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