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Travel restrictions in Europe are being lifted. Follow our tips to do it safely

If you plan to travel after COVID, you must bear in mind that, even if you have received the vaccine, there are still many people who don’t have it and you can still transmit the disease. Therefore, to travel safely, follow these tips and…enjoy yourself!

Tips for going on holiday safely in 2021

Follow these tips and we can all curb the pandemic and say goodbye to restrictions soon.

Using the mask

Remember that it’s still mandatory in public transport and enclosed places. Everything suggests that this summer their use will be relaxed in the open spaces, since outside the risk of spreading the virus is much lower. But we encourage you to apply common sense: don’t take it off when surrounded by many people, even if it’s outdoors, and wear it indoors. We recommend that you also wear it in lifts even if you’re alone.

Safety distance you…and yours

Continue to maintain a safe distance of two metres with people who don’t belong to your family unit or bubble group and ask them to do the same. We already know that it’s not very nice to remind others of the rules (we don’t like it either, because our objective is that this holiday you relax), but you’ll see how it’s easy to keep your distance with the activities that we’ve prepared for you in our hotel. Avoid occasions when you can’t maintain the two-metre distance, such as big events, crowded markets, etc.

Take a alcohol gel with you

You are bound to be used to having a small bottle of this gel with you. Moreover, cleaning your hands frequently will also prevent you from suffering from many other diseases. So always use it after touching objects in public or common areas and before touching your face or eating.

Your safest transport

Avoid flights with layovers, where you are more likely to get infected. In general, we recommend transport where you spend the least possible time or with more distance between the passengers (that’s why we discourage planes). Whenever you can, travel with private transport: car, motorcycle, bicycle…it would also be a good idea to take a taxi. At our counters we will inform you of the safest way to move around Benidorm and its surroundings!

Is it safe to go to restaurants?

Restaurants must follow safety measures, as well as ours. But this isn’t enough if you don’t take your own action. Stay with your bubble group or family unit and put on your mask when you leave the table. Before deciding on a restaurant, see if the tables are far enough apart and whether the spaces are large and well-ventilated. Ideally, you’d choose the terraces. We also recommend choosing takeaway food. Enjoy it in one of the beautiful outdoor places in Benidorm…that really is a lunch or dinner with a view!

Do sport

It’s an excellent option during a pandemic. Not only does it boost your immune system (which will also make the vaccine more effective, if you’ve received it recently), it allows you to carry out activities without too many people. Therefore, choose individual sports or sports that only put you in contact with your family unit. We highly recommend aquatic activities in the sea, which are much safer than in a pool. If you go for a run or do other outdoor exercise, you should wear your mask in crowded places. This is uncomfortable, so don’t hesitate to ask us where it’s best to exercise when you arrive at our hotel.

Prepare for the unexpected

Be aware of the restrictions. Already, many tourists have travelled to other countries and have then been forced to stay longer because they had to go into quarantine due to an outbreak. Therefore, don’t plan your holidays to last until just before you return to work. Also, the activities you have booked may be subject to change.

After traveling

Whether you have to quarantine or not when you return to your country, we recommend keeping your distance from others, because remember that you can transmit the disease even if you are vaccinated and have no symptoms. If you have symptoms, get tested for COVID-19 just in case.

In conclusion, if you are waiting to travel after COVID as much as we want to do so, adapting to these simple tips costs nothing. You’ll see that going on holiday safely is very much compatible with having a great time!

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