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The Serpis Greenway: Family hikes

Are you passionate about hiking with your family? In this post, we’re going to tell you about a family hiking route that you cannot miss: The Serpis Greenway. Have you heard of it? This route is very close to the town of Gandía, between Valencia and Alicante, and you can cover the kilometres of the greenway either as a couple or as a family, as it isn’t too tough.

Here, the waters of the river have been carving a beautiful gorge for thousands of years. This place is also known as the route of the old “tren dels Anglesos”, as it was the route along which the railway ran between Alcoy (where the river Serpis rises) and Gandía which was a key part of the industrial revolution of the region and in its development.

Enjoy the greenway as a family

One of the first stops of interest on this excursion is El Azud or Assut de l’Esclapissada. An Azud is a construction that raises the water level of a river to transfer part of its flow to the irrigation channels.

In the past, this enclave diverted water to one of the light factories, specifically the La Reprimala factory. At this first stop, you’ll be sure to have lots of fun, as it is full of life and nature; here you will be able to see cormorants and herons, among other birds.

Sorollosa Waterfall

It is an artificial waterfall, but it is nonetheless a magical place to stop and take in the beautiful views that surround it. 

Cèntim Factory

A few kilometres further on, you’ll come across the first of the 4 factories on this road. It is named after the custom of taking a penny out of workers’ wages. As it is abandoned, it is in a rather poor condition.

Tunnel of the Llarga Mine

It is the longest you will cross; 260 metres long. Remember that you need a torch to walk through it, as it is very dark. 

Mare de Deu Factory

This is an old light factory, next to which, according to tradition, on 17 August 1708 a woodcutter found a box floating downstream containing a polychrome carved wooden virgin. The factory is a set of 3 buildings that are located next to the river and, being a private property, can only be seen from afar. Near it, you can see the Mare de Deu monument, which was built in memory of the discovery of this image, who is the patron saint of Villalonga. 

After this enclave, you have two options. On the one hand, you can take the wider path and go through the tunnel mentioned above. Remember to have a light (a mobile phone light will suffice), as you will be in total darkness in a matter of seconds. If you are travelling with children, we suggest taking another route. 

Racó del Duc Factory

This is an isolated 150 m² building that is very similar to the Cèntim factory. It was also the one that remained in operation the longest. 

L’Infern factory

This former hydroelectric plant is on the border between Valencia and Alicante. Its construction dates back to 1895 and its style is modernist and restrained. Behind this building is the Ermita de la Inmaculada.

These are just some of the most stand-out places along the Serpis River Greenway, but the route offers you an endless number of places with beautiful views brimming with nature which your family will love. It is a relatively easy route, so it can be done on foot or by bike and it will not leave you indifferent. 

Spring is one of the best times of the year to enjoy the greenway and its attractions with the family. You can also stay nearby, as the Grand Luxor Hotel & Village just a few kilometres away. You’ll have all the comforts and benefit from one of its great advantages. For each night booked, you’ll get one day access to any of the three theme parks in the area: Terra Mítica, Aqualandia and Mundomar. A well-rounded getaway in which, as well as enjoying nature along the kilometres of the greenway, you can relax and enjoy the most fun activities for all the family. 

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