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Sierra Helada, a natural space next to Benidorm to visit with children

Visiting Benidorm with children is a spectacular family travel plan. The Grand Luxor Hotel is located in Sierra Helada, an area of ​​coastline and land located on the Albir coastline that has an area of ​​5600 hectares. As a hotel for Terra Mítica it is great because it has direct entrance to this theme park. With each night of the stay, you can access this or two other theme parks that are also next door: Aqualandia and Mundomar. This makes it ideal as a hotel for children in Benidorm.

Sierra Helada or Serra Gelada

The Serra Gelada Natural Park has a huge relief that rises from the sea, hence its visual contrast and its tourist attraction. It is a perfect place to go with your family because you can visit cliffs over 300 metres high, strange vegetation and peculiar natural formations, such as a hanging fossil dune. In addition, it offers many outdoor sports attractions.

Activities for children in Sierra Helada

Although children may be eager to visit the theme parks near the hotel, family hiking is also highly recommended. They are guaranteed to have fun and have a great time discovering new landscapes! In addition, they will make the most of what nature gives them. A simple route that can be done with children without any danger, and which is also beautiful, is the one that leads to the Albir lighthouse.

faro del AlbirHow to get there

Leaving the centre of Benidorm on calle Lepanto,it is very easy to get to Serra Gelada. It is recommended that, due to its extension, you are clear about the exact point of the mountain you want to go. In this way, a GPS or a person can show you the best way. However, do not worry, because there are indications.

Landscape in Sierra Helada

The linear landscape of this mountain range runs from the northeast to the southwest. This rocky formation separates Benidorm from Altea and is asymmetric. Its orographic characteristics stand out for the cliffs, caves and the islet of Benidorm. In addition, it is an important area for the marine reserve, for the fauna and for the flora. You can find animals and plants in a very good state of conservation.

Nearby theme parks

As we have already advanced in previous paragraphs, there are three theme parks that can be enjoyed to the fullest, especially the smallest ones: Terra MiticaAqualandia and Mundomar. It is recommended to combine them to take advantage of the opportunities that they all offer. Each night in the hotel is equivalent to entry to any of the three parks. However, in the Serra Gelada there are many more plans to carry out. Don’t just go to the parks!

calabaza halloween terra miticaHiking

Whether you’re travelling as a couple, with children, family or friends, the coast offers wonderful hiking trails that don’t go unnoticed. We highlight, in order of difficulty:

1) Faro del Albir (5 km in an hour and a half).

2) Punta del Cavall (5.2 km in two hours).

3) Sierra Helada (8.4 km in 4-5 hours ).

If you are already willing to come to Benidorm to visit the Serra Gelada area with your children, do not hesitate any further. Book your stay at our hotel!


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