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Puig Campana: A Circular Route for the Most Demanding of Hikers

Puig Campana is a mythical mountain of Alicante located very close to Benidorm. If you are a hiker and like adventure, why not go up? Although Alicante is not well known for its mountains, it is the second most mountainous province in all of Spain and, if you dare to ascend to the top of Puig Campana, you will be able to catch a glimpse of some unforgettable landscapes.

When the sky is clear, you can even make out the island of Mallorca from the highest point of Puig Campana. In this article, we explain all the secrets and characteristics of this circular hiking route.

Enjoy a Circular Route in a Counter-Clockwise Direction

If you are planning to spend a few days on vacation in Alicante and want to do a high-level hiking route, we suggest you go up Puig Campana. This mountain, formed by limestone rock from the Jurassic period and measuring 1,408 meters high, is the second highest in the entire province (behind the Aitana).

It is located in Finestrat and, as it is just a few kilometers from the Mediterranean, while you are going down from the top you can contemplate the wonderful views of Benidorm and the rest of the coast – views that contrast with the imposing mountainous landscape that the Puig area has.

Its challenging slope makes it not suitable for all hikers. Therefore, you should be encouraged to do this route (a route that people do in a counter-clockwise direction) only if you are fit and have experience with other mountains.

Choice of Route

This is one of the most demanding routes in the entire Valencian Community because the difference in height between the bottom and top exceeds a thousand meters on the ascent and the descent, in addition to there being very rocky and steep areas that make it difficult to climb to the top.

However, you have the option of traveling the circular path without climbing to the top; thus, the difficulty level can be lowered to a medium level. To choose this option, there is a point before starting the final ascent where you will have to veer to the left to begin the descent.

Protected Landscape

The mountain is located in an area of great value in terms of the landscape and environment and, therefore, you will find several micro-reserves with protected flora and species. As this mountain is well known by nature lovers, it is subjected to a lot of stress and you will have to take care of the environment so as to help keep it in the magnificent conditions in which it is now.

Thyme, rosemary, and many more aromatic plants will accompany you on the wonderful adventure of conquering the mountain that has the most history of all of Alicante. In a bit, we will explain the legend that tells the reason why the mountain has a crack in the middle of its secondary peak.

Technical Datasheet for this Hiking Route

It is necessary to make a great physical effort whether you ascend to the top or opt for the route that does not reach the summit. Therefore, we do not recommend doing this route with young children or with people who are not used to doing sport.

The route begins and ends in the same place, at the Font del Molí Recreational Area, which is located in the picturesque town of Finestrat, right next to Benidorm. As we said before, the height difference from the bottom to the top is 1,100 meters and the total distance measures 15 kilometers if you opt to go to the summit and 12 kilometers if you veer off and start the descent before reaching the summit.

The time it takes to go up and down is calculated to be approximately 6 or 7 hours and the marked trail is part of route PR-CV 289.

The Legend of Puig Campana

One of the most beautiful and romantic legends has cropped up around this much loved mountain. In the legend, it is said that the cut with the shape of a window that the mountain has in its secondary peak was made by the giant Roldan when he tried to save the woman he loved from a curse.

The curious thing about this legend is that the huge gap that exists in the side of the mountain is related to the Benidorm Island, a small islet that can be found next to Poniente Beach. The theory that the missing piece that was cut out from the top of the mountain is now located in the sea a short distance from the beaches is one that all the locals know – and some dreamers even believe that it really happened.

We will never know, but we are sure that if you choose this route, you will feel the magic as you visit the caves and shelters that will take you to another era.

In conclusion, the Puig Campana Route is one of those routes that you will never forget and that will make you realize that Alicante is much more than just beaches. In this area, you will see how the fog covers the coast and you will find one of the best panoramic views of the entire province. However, remember that in order to accomplish all that, you must first make a great effort and reach the top.

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