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Paragliding: a unique experience full of sensations

Would you like to feel like a bird? Lifting your viewpoint and enjoying unique sensations is all possible in Benidorm. Paragliding is an incomparable adventure activity, much more within your reach than you can imagine.

Did you know that, even if you have vertigo, you can do it? The truth is that this sensation occurs when you are standing up, so when you are comfortably seated it does not usually happen. Similarly, the sensation of dizziness is not common. Of course, you will feel a wonderful tingling sensation during the whole experience, which will not be easy to forget. Set course to Benidorm to fly!

Paragliding in Benidorm

Can you imagine the panoramic view of Spanish New York, with its blue Mediterranean waters and its skyscrapers, seen from above? When you take to the skies whilst paragliding in Benidorm, the excitement will overwhelm during every second. The tourist capital par excellence of the Valencian Community offers you an exceptional attraction when you climb this high to admire it. In general, these flights are done in a tandem paraglider, so an expert will accompany and direct you if you need it.

One of the best options is the route over Sierra Cortina, practically from Terra Mitica. You will climb up to 800 metres above sea level and combine thermal flight with dynamic flight, moving using the action of the wind. The Puig Campana Mountain, the aforementioned theme park and the Santa Barbara castle are some of the spectacular sites that you will see under your feet.

In addition, you have other locations for paragliding in the surroundings of this town at your disposal. Specifically, El Palomaret, Agost and Santa Pola.

Paragliding for beginners

Soaring through the sky like a bird is not within everyone’s reach: only strong-minded people really do it. Are you one of them? If your fear derives from your lack of experience, don’t worry. In general, the companies that manage paragliding in Benidorm have many years of experience in this activity. They have highly qualified pilot-guides who will reassure you before you start.

However, if you have never done it before, it is logical to have doubts about how to paraglide. We have summarised some useful tips for first-timers below. The sky of Benidorm is waiting for you.

1. Start with a tandem flight

Let’s face it: no one is born learned. Paragliding is no exception. Therefore, the best baptism you can have in this aerial discipline is to book a tandem flight with an experienced specialist. They will take on the most complex tasks of the process: take-off, landing and flight control. You will be able to relax and enjoy the experience. As you loosen up, they may begin to delegate certain tasks to you.

2. Take a course

Have you tried it and loved it? No wonder: it’s the norm. The next recommended step is to undergo a period of training to gain confidence and skill in controlling the sail on your own. It is also essential to have a full set of equipment: some companies allow you to rent it whilst you are learning.

3. Invest in quality

Initially, it is advisable to spare no expense: choose good trainers, purchase a complete set of high quality equipment and complete your qualification with all the necessary classes. After this initial stage, paragliding will be quite cheap. In fact, it will be free, except for the travelling expenses you have each time. In this case, to Benidorm: Where else?

4. Wear the right clothes

Actually, you don’t need special equipment. However, please note that up there, so close to the clouds, it is often cool even in summer. Meeting this criterion, dress however you like. Our recommendation? Wear a windbreaker, gloves and clothes that make you feel comfortable. Sportswear is fine, for example a sweatshirt and cotton pants, but you can go as you prefer.

5. Wear the right accessories

Remember that your feet will be the landing gear on this flight. So wear footwear that is appropriate for this role and the type of terrain you’ll be landing on. Trekking boots are usually fine, although high top sneakers with ankle support are also adequate. Heels and platforms? Leave them for night-time in Benidorm. 
As for glasses, do not hesitate to use them if you need them. Likewise, sunglasses will prevent your eyes from watering if you tend to get watery eyes.
Do you want to start enjoying paragliding? Benidorm is a perfect place to do it. Would you like to soar above its skyscrapers? Book your flight as soon as possible.

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