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Organise a day of relaxation in our SPA and take care of yourself inside and out

After a week of hard work, there’s nothing better than a few days of relaxation and rest to recharge your batteries with family and friends. Spa Grand Luxor Hotel & Village is a wellness centre which offers you all the comforts for an unforgettable SPA day

Treat yourself to a day of relaxation at the Grand Luxor Hotel & Village SPA 

It’s been a stressful few days. You feel the built-up tension in your body and mind. You need to reconnect with yourself. You need to make time for self-care. There’s nothing better than giving yourself a few moments of disconnection and relaxation with your loved ones. You deserve it. 

The benefits of our thermal circuit

With time, stress accumulates in our muscles. We feel our cervical vertebrae stiffen. We feel tired and defeated.  

Our thermal circuit is specifically designed to relax your whole body. You’ll feel a deep sense of tranquillity and well-being gradually come over you. You’ll feel your body much more relaxed and lighter.  

Here are some of the elements which make up our spa, as well as their benefits. 

We’ve got a heated swimming pool equipped with swan necks. The jets of water which come out of them provide a feeling of total relaxation. They’re ideal for loosening the back muscles, especially the neck muscles.  

In our Turkish baths, you’ll improve your breathing capacity, thanks to their almost 99% humidity conditions. At the same time, the pores of your skin will open up, which will help to eliminate accumulated toxins. 

After the sauna, nothing better than a Scottish shower. Alternating hot and cold water jets improves blood circulation throughout the body. It helps tone the body and provides a pleasant feeling of liberation. 

Do your feet hurt? Do your legs feel tired? No problem. In the footbath, you’ll activate the circulation in your legs and your feet will feel lighter. The stones on the floor gently massage your feet. The jets of water at leg level come out at different temperatures, which activates blood circulation. 

Where to leave the children on a SPA day? 

You’re probably thinking, while I’m in the thermal circuit, what can I do with the children? 

No problem, we have a children’s room specifically dedicated to entertaining the kids. It’s permanently supervised by instructors to ensure the children’s control and safety. In this room, all kinds of activities such as drawing, group games, etc. can be carried out. It also has table football and arcade machines which promise hours and hours of fun. 

Complete your self-care experience with one of our extra treatments 

In order to have a unique spa day, we offer the possibility of complementing the thermal circuit with a relaxing massage.  

There’s nothing better than expert hands to relieve all the built-up tension in the back, neck, etc. Our masseurs guarantee a total relaxation experience thanks to their relaxing massages. 

Benefits for hotel guests in our wellness centre 

Staying at the Grand Luxor Hotel & Village Spa offers many benefits to its guests.  

First of all, you benefit from a special price to access the thermal circuit. This results in considerable cost savings.  

Everything’s located in one place, which is very convenient, as it avoids time-consuming trips and queuing to access the facilities. Once the treatment is finished, you can return to your room at your leisure. The time savings are considerable. 

A unique place for rest and relaxation 

If you want to enjoy a few days of disconnection in a setting full of comforts, the Spa Grand Luxor Hotel & Village is undoubtedly a very good option. Our spa offers all kinds of treatments to make your experience unforgettable. If you want to improve your mood and psychological state, don’t hesitate to visit. 

We’ve got a special offer for customers who book directly with us in our web. The price is €15 instead of €25. More information at Take advantage and make your booking. 

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