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La Nucía: discover one of the biggest flea markets in the whole region

A holiday in Benidorm is much more than sun and sand. There are many other activities you can enjoy. These include visiting the flea market in La Nucía, having fun in different theme parks or discovering the area’s monuments. However, in this article, we’re going to tell you about the first one. 

The La Nucía flea market

To the north of Benidorm and in the Marina Baja region is La Nucía. It is a beautiful town that, for more than thirty years, has been holding an important antiques flea market every Sunday and on public holidays. If you like these and other collectors’ items, you will enjoy strolling among the stalls at this flea market as you rarely do.

Where is it located and what are its opening hours? 

Currently, the flea market is held in the Industrial Estate of La Alberca. It is located in the southern part of La Nucía and, to get there from Benidorm, you’ll have to take the Mediterranean motorway and then the CV-70 road. When you reach the roundabout where the service station is, take Avenida de Benidorm and Calle Finestrat. What’s more, there are more than a thousand free parking spaces on the industrial estate itself. 

As for when the La Nucía street market opens, we can tell you that it opens at 08:00 and closes at 15:00. Therefore, it is open in the mornings, as we said, on Sundays and public holidays throughout the year.

What can you find at the flea market in La Nucía? 

The street market in the Alicante town has more than seven hundred stalls that stretch for about two kilometres. As you will understand, because there are so many of them, there are so many things on offer. As for what you can find at the La Nucía flea market, there is food, clothes and footwear, flowers, tools and many other products. 

But above all, the flea market focuses on handicrafts, second-hand goods and antiques. Among these, you can find all sorts of items, from simple used pinwheels to books or other objects of much greater value. It also offers furniture of all sizes. In short, you will always find something interesting and at a good price at this flea market. 

Other activities you can do in La Nucía 

Apart from visiting the flea market, there are many other things to do in La Nucía. Among its emblematic buildings are the Mediterranean Auditorium, a cultural space opened in 2007, and the University Headquarters, which is located in the old municipal school. 

However, the building of the El Captivador Environmental Centre is even more surprising for its avant-garde style. We also recommend visiting the old washing place and the hermitage of San Vicente Ferrer, built in 1803, which has spectacular surroundings. 

Nature hiking routes are just some of the activities you can enjoy in La Nucía. Specifically, it has six well-signposted routes totalling 23 kilometres that pass through the protected landscape of El Captivador.  

One of them leads to the Favara fountain, a five-metre high waterfall surrounded by a garden with numerous plants typical of the Mediterranean climate. It also has picnic areas, unique views and even swings for the children to enjoy if you are travelling with them. 

What’s more, as far as the nature of La Nucía is concerned, we recommend going up the Calvario mountain. From its summit, there are spectacular views of both the surrounding towns and the Mediterranean coast, with its magnificent beaches. 

However, you can’t leave Alicante without trying its delicious gastronomy. Among its typical dishes, we recommend the cooked rice and paella, corn balls and blood with onions. To drink, you have a delicious mistela and a whole range of sweets and pastries. 

You can try the sweet potato pie, which is a kind of pastry filled with sweet potato, sugar, cinnamon and lemon. As for the outer dough, it is made of puff pastry. There are also other sweets such as almond cake, Berlina and coca dulce. Not forgetting the wonderful local citrus fruits for dessert. They are also used to make delicious jams

To sum up, the La Nucía flea market is one of the biggest in the whole province of Alicante. It takes place every Sunday and public holiday throughout the year between 08:00 and 15:00 and stands out for its antiques. Moreover, if you visit it, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and the delicious gastronomy of this Levantine town. Come and visit this flea market.

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