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Karting: excitement for the whole family

Did you know that there is a karting near our hotel? Karting Finestrat is a leisure reference in Benidorm for couples, families, groups of friends and solo travellers.

Many Formula One legends, such as Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher or Ayrton Senna, started driving go-karts. If you dare to imitate them, you will have a great time! 

The karting experience

Karting is a simple car race. In the field of leisure, it offers you the possibility of enjoying an experience full of adrenaline, competitiveness, safety and good vibes.

In fact, it is considered a form of motor racing. It is disputed in circuits of between 600 and 1700 metres, with a 8 to 15 metre width.

As a recreational activity, it is most enjoyed in a group because the races taken very stimulating personal competitiveness. If you have never tried it, do it as soon as possible: you will surely repeat. If you have already done it at some time, try this one and dare to experience a vibrant race in Benidorm.

What does driving a go-kart offer you?

There are many advantages and benefits arising from this activity. Specifically, these are the main ones:

  • A lot of fun. From day one, you’re going to have a great time. You don’t need to have experience to drive a go-kart. Furthermore, children learn easily.
  • Safety training. Its rules and standards are engraved there forever.
  • Group connection. It is an unbeatable plan: with family or friends. It’s always something to talk about, before, during and after.
  • Competitive nature. These tests have just that right point of competitiveness, rivalry and self-improvement that are appreciated by sports fans.
  • Adrenaline and anti-stress. The adrenaline rush before the competition is fabulous. Your energy increases, you release tension and your subsequent performance improves.
  • Increased reflexes. The entire course is dotted with twists, turns, chicanes and demands. Speed, responsiveness and decision making gradually become automated. 


Are you determined to try the steering wheel of these go-karts? These recommendations for karting will come in handy during your first experiences.


When driving a go-kart, you should wear comfortable clothes that are not too loose. It is essential to wear closed sports shoes, and in any case avoid heels, platforms and flip-flops.

At the chosen centres, you will be provided with the specific equipment needed. Specifically, these are the accessories and clothing for karting that you can get to use:

  • Helmet. Protects the head and face, always wear it with the visor down. This way, dust, rubber and grit will not get in your eyes.
  • Balaclava. They are usually made of cotton and serve to absorb perspiration under the helmet, preventing it from getting wet. It is only recommended if you are going to drive for a long time.
  • Overalls. They are used in competitions and are non-slip and fireproof.
  • Protectors. Rib or collar protectors are also only used in official races.
  • Gloves. They improve grip and prevent scratches or bumps while driving.
  • Special boots. This will not be your case, but professionals choose them with a high leg and thin soles for maximum sensitivity.


You will learn to drive the go-kart quickly. In any case, these are the basic keys:

  • Position yourself well and make yourself comfortable. Always keep your hands on the steering wheel, at the quarter to three o’clock position. Arms without tension, but slightly bent, like the legs.
  • Take the curves well. This is the key to your final place in the race. Of course, you will need some practice. Brake in time, not too early and not too late. Turn smoothly, carry out a fast line and start accelerating at the start.
  • Basically, in the race, watch your rivals and plan your overtaking, keep your cool and show respect to your rivals.


The main thing in the circuit is to learn the chromatic meaning of the flags. This is the code used:

  • Green. Track in operation.
  • Red. Race stopped.
  • Yellow. Caution and neutralisation of the competition. 
  • Red and yellow stripes. Poor adhesion.
  • Black and white. Warning for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Black. Exclusion due to lack of sportsmanship.
  • Black with orange circle. Mandatory pit stop due to mechanical failure.
  • Blue. Depending on their movement, faster pilot approaching or giving way to him.
  • Chequered. End of race.

Karting is, in short, an exciting entertainment to enjoy in a group. Include it in your agenda when travelling to Benidorm!

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