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Guide to the streets of Benidorm that you can’t miss

Strolling the streets of Benidorm will allow you to make a number of plans, from getting to know its monuments to experiencing the atmosphere of its streets, shopping and leisure activities. If you are planning some cultural visits in Benidorm, we believe that this guide will also be a great help.

Main streets in Benidorm

One of the most important streets in Benidorm is undoubtedly Avenida de Ruzafa. While the street itself is not particularly remarkable, it is an essential vein of movement in the city. The majority of public transport entering the city centre will do so via this wide avenue. On the approach to the centre, we encounter the Plaza de la Hispanidad, which connects the Avenida del Mediterráneo with the city centre.

Some of the best-known areas in Benidorm are Calle Gambo and Calle Alameda, undoubtedly some of the most popular areas to meet friends for coffee, a sweet treat, dinner or drinks.

Monuments and cultural areas

Although many of us know Benidorm for its nightlife and its stunning beaches, there is also an important cultural component to the city, where you can enjoy  seeing monuments such as the Hermitage of the Virgen del Mar or the Iglesia de San Jaime church.

If you are looking for museums, head for the Maritime Cultural Centre or the Boca del Calvari Museum. And let’s not forget the Chocolate museum for those with a sweet tooth!

Leisure streets

We already mentioned some of the busiest streets in Benidorm to enjoy with friends. If you’re more interested in the nightlife, Calle Esperando is undoubtedly a name to etch into your memory, to remember where to find the youngest party in this city.

The Old Town, particularly the area around the Iglesia de San Jaime church, is also a popular area for a night out, with the average age of partygoers here being around 30 years old. If you want to know where to go after the pubs close in the old town, your best bet is Paseo del Levante. In this area the party will continue until well into the morning.

Shopping streets

If you want to enjoy some shopping, we recommend a visit to the Avenida del Mediterráneo and Plaza de la Hispanidad. Calle Gambo is one of the streets with the most stores, along with the nearby Avenida Martínez Alejos.

In the centre of Benidorm there are other areas, such as the Paseo de la Carretera, a street that leads to the old town which is full of shops.

We hope this guide to the streets of Benidorm has been useful and will help you to enjoy the atmosphere of this city to the fullest. Without a doubt, it is one of the most lively and fun places you can find in Spain, not just in summer, but all year round.

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