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Guadalest, a must-see

If you are thinking about visiting Benidorm and staying in the Grand Luxor Hotel then we are going to recommend an excursion that you will love. If you are staying in Benidorm then you will have to go on an excursion from Benidorm to the beautiful medieval town of Guadalest. We also recommend visiting Polop, a beautiful town that you will love.

It is a magical place situated on top of a rock. You will only be able to get to it in one way, as it only has one access. You can visit its Castle, which is located in one of the rocks. Undoubtedly, a very interesting day trip to make the most of your stay in your hotel for cyclists.

Visit Spain’s beautiful town’s

Tourists who come to the Costa Blanca usually visit this beautiful town and what will impress you most when you arrive is that, despite being a place that has already endured many years of inclement weather, it has remained in perfect condition. It is located at 595 metres above sea level and when you reach its top you can take in views of the sierra Aitana, Serella and the sierras de Xortá.

El barrio del castillo is the most well-known. As already mentioned, it is hanging at the top of a rock and it is protected by the old wall. You can discover it by accessing through a tunnel in the same rock. Don’t leave without visiting the bell tower.

Don’t forget to visit Arrabal, at the foot of the castle where you will find many tourists walking around its streets.

Furthermore, don’t miss out on the remains of the San José Castle, the inclement weather conditions and the ravages of time mean that it is no longer in one piece, but there are still some stretches of wall, the homage tower and the cistern. Who wouldn’t be interested in seeing remnants of the past? Don’t miss out on it.

We are also going to recommend that you get lost in the town’s streets. The most interesting thing about some places is to discover hidden nooks and crannies by oneself. Therefore, put time aside to wander around and enjoy the architecture.

Ideal for a day trip

Below we will talk about other places in Guadalest that you’ll surely be interested in visiting.

– La casa Orduña: it was built by a family that lived in the town, you will see furniture and decoration from the period.

– Museo de la bicicleta: you’ll see 60 models of the first bicycles that were made.

– Museo Saleros y Pimientos: it is the only one in Europe and provides for a very original and interesting visit.

Make the most of your stay

As you can see from Grand Luxor Hotel you are going to be able to discover places as spectacular as this. Discovering the beautiful villages of Spain is always an excellent idea, they are places full of magic and tradition where you can enjoy yourself without spending too much money. Don’t forget to take the camera for this short excursion, we assure you that you will want to take memories away with you of the landscapes that you’ll discover.

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