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Don’t miss out on the water activities in Benidorm even in spring

Sea lovers love doing activities in Benidorm in spring. Its marvellous climate, its clean and crystalline waters and the great biological reserve that is its seabed are some of the reasons given for this. If you are one of these enthusiasts, you will no doubt be fascinated by its atmosphere in spring. As well as the diversity of plans with water in spring, it offers you the possibility of doing other sports such as hiking or cycling.

The best water activities in Benidorm

We advise you to take the Isla de los Periodistas as a reference in the sea to get your bearings. It is a small island with a wealth of marine life. It is named after the act of sponsorship carried out at the assembly of the National Federation of Spanish Journalists’ Associations in 1970. It is a nice tribute to this collective. However, no let’s talk about the best water activities in Benidorm that you can do alone or in company:

Rowing along the coastline

One of the best views of Benidorm is from the sea and you have several options. We are particularly fond of single and double kayaking and paddle surfing. The reason is simple. You can see all the details of our marvellous cliffs, their caves or the layout of the watchtowers, if history is your thing. Our sea, almost always calm, allows you to enjoy it to the max.

Sail the Mediterranean

Sailing is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding activities around. As well as toning muscles and relaxing the mind, it encourages team work. Whether with your friends or family, or with your work colleagues, you are sure to have a fun and unforgettable day organising a regatta or sailing solo.

And, if you are one of those who prefers others to sail the boat while you enjoy a day at sea, relaxing and having an aperitif, there are also options for you.

Discover our seabed

Benidorm has reason to be very proud of our environment and one of the landscapes that gives us most satisfaction is our seabed. If you are passionate about scuba diving and snorkelling, we have well-kept areas where you can enjoy all the marine biodiversity.

And, if you would like to enjoy the sea bottom but don’t feel able to dive, we suggest hiking in the depths of the sea: the sea trek. It can be done by anyone over the age of eight, able to walk and breathe. Surprise your children, grandparents and yourself with this experience.

Jet skis and flyboard

If you like speed, the calm of spring allows you to enjoy jet skis much better and much more safely. You can go on an excursion to Journalists’ Island or to any of the nearby towns or simply enjoy cruising at full speed.

If you like a challenge, we recommend parasailing or flyboarding over the water . It is an experience that will challenge your body balance and you will fly in a safe way. If you haven’t tried it, don’t miss out on it.

Canyoning and coasteering

The orographic diversity of Benidorm makes it a very attractive enclave for canyoning. We have routes suitable for all levels, even with children. So, with a surprising landscape and a spectacular end with the waterfall of Salt de Bolulla and just 20 km from Benidorm is the ravine of l’Estret de les Penyes.

The Estret de Relleu ravine route, near Villajoyosa, is not tough either. However, it is quite cold and you should choose a nice sunny day and shortly after a few days of rain to enjoy it to the max.

However, perhaps the most emblematic of all is the Infierno ravine in Vall d’Ebo. This route is more difficult than the previous ones and is only suitable for the most daring.

We didn’t want to end these suggestions without suggesting that you give coasteering a go. It is perhaps the most complete and exciting proposal because it includes several activities at the same time: hiking, climbing, exploring caves, waterfalls, abseiling, canyoning, etc. Diving, swimming or other water sports can even be added.

As you can see, you can choose from a wide variety of activities in Benidorm in which water is the star of the show. Enjoy the good climate, its surroundings and a spirit that is always ready to surprise you. So what are you waiting for to make your booking? Come and discover us!

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