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Do your children love all things dinosaurs related? Don’t miss out on Dino Park Algar

If your children love dinosaurs, without a doubt, one of the must-visits is to Dino Park Algar, the dinosaur educational park in Alicante. Here you can enjoy a wide range of different activities. Do you want to know more? Find out in the next post.

Visit the dinosaur educational park with the kids: what’s on offer at Dino Park

In Benidorm, Dino Park Algar, the educational dinosaur park, is brimming with surprises where children will learn a lot of things while having fun. What has Dino Park got? You’ll find everything: attractions, cinema… here’s a summary of everything you can’t miss out on.

Dinosaurs everywhere

DinoPark has a large number of dinosaurs both mobile, sound and static in a beautiful cactus garden, fountains with turtles and a whole lot more. All the dinosaurs your kids have seen in films and books are there. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

3D cinema

Here you can enjoy images that seem to pop out of the screen thanks to the 3D glasses. A very special film that you can only see at Dino Park. The whole family will experience laughter and the jitters. A moment for thrill-seekers.

What time is the film shown? Don’t worry about a thing. There are screenings throughout the day and the film is only 12 minutes long, so you can enjoy it at any time of day.

Admission is completely free and you can watch it as many times as you like.

Children’s attractions

Dino Park has attractions and surprises for children of all ages. Can you imagine coming across the skeleton of a dinosaur or getting inside a baby dinosaur? They can also pretend to be palaeontologists and find treasures. What do we recommend? Don’t take maps to guide you, discovering all the attractions by surprise is much more fun for the children.

Journey into Earth’s past

What has it got? This room has real artefacts from the past, you’ll learn about the wing prints of a dragonfly, see a model of a palaeontological excavation and much more. This room will surprise children more than you can imagine.

Playground for children

Dino Park is not only a park for older children, but also for the little ones. There is a children’s playground with a play area, a digging area and a pool to cool off in, which you can use even in winter if the weather is fine.

Botanical Cactus Garden

Dino Park doesn’t just have dinosaurs. It has a beautiful botanical garden with cactus to relax and enjoy the plants.

Wollemi Pine

The Wollemi Pine is an authentic Mesozoic plant that you can see at Dino Park. It is a prehistoric pine species that lived more than 175 million years ago and was discovered in 1994. There are only 39 of them in Australia’s Amazon rainforest.

Always something new

Dino park continues to add new things and surprises every year. So, if you’ve already seen it… that’s OK, you’re sure to find something new you’ll love.

What should you know before visiting the park?

  • What’s included in the ticket: all attractions including the 3D cinema and parking.
  • Pets: if you want your dog to have a great day out, you can also bring it along. O a leash and muzzled, of course.
  • Architectural barriers: none. It is a natural environment with a gravel floor.
  • Picnic and cafeteria: there is a picnic area and lockers to store your food. And if you prefer, you can eat in its café.
  • Where is it: It is only 17 kilometres from Benidorm. In Partida Segarra s/n, 03510 Callosa d’en Sarrià (Alicante)

What do we recommend before visiting Dino Park Algar?

To visit Dino Park you don’t need many recommendations because they make everything very easy for you. Café, toilets… However, it is good to know a few things.
⦁ Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It is important to make the most of your visit.
⦁ Would you like to get an idea of what the park is like before going with your children? You can take a virtual tour on our website and look up some information about dinosaurs.

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