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Unique Spaces

The privileged climate of the Spanish Levante’s coast makes holding
outdoor events possible all year round.
Grand Luxor Hotels has different outdoor areas available to you in which you can undertake
any type of event, providing you with a wide range of possibilities to host the
most unique event possible.

The Mozarabic
Meeting Room

A bright space of great size which is decorated in neutral colors with a warm style – romantic, with elements which set it apart and oriental touches.

  • Dimensions: 390 m²
  • Height: 2,80 m
  • Capacity
  • Cocktail Party: 400 people
  • School: 250 people
  • Theater: 200 people
  • Banquet: 280 people

Meeting Room

With touches from the Muslim civilization, this meeting room that has beautiful and rich architecture reminds you of the Court of the Myrtles at the Alhambra in Granada. Incredibly decorated like the exclusive location that it is, L´Almadrava offers the excellence and the spectacular service of Iberia Village Events.

  • Dimensions: 220 m²
  • Capacity
  • Theater: 90 people
  • School: 100 people
  • Cocktail Party: 300 people
  • Banquet: 140 people

Circus Maximus

The ideal space for events, conferences, and conventions that need a large auditorium. Located in an area which perfectly recreates the architecture and ornamental elements inherent to Ancient Rome, this large auditorium seats up to 3.000 people and has a big stage where presentations, conferences, and conventions can take place in a unique environment.

  • Dimensions: 3.000 m2
  • Height: 30 m
  • Capacity: 3.000 people
  • Sound: 16.000 Watt Sound
  • Lighting
  • 200 pairs
  • 12 “Clay Paky” Mobile Light Fixtures
  • Spotlight


The perfect space to organize audiovisual events such as presentations, seminars, and exhibitions. Pandora’s Auditorium is a convenient option for the undertaking of professional activities such as seminars, conferences, product debuts, and events with strong audiovisual components. This meeting room has the latest audiovisual technology, which is capable of holographic projection. The building has a vaulted entrance hall that is ideal for coffee break services or for a welcome cocktail.

  • Dimensions: 400 m2
  • Capacity: 299 people

Professional lighting and sound system.
Auditorium compatible with 3D projections.
Technical lighting and sound staff.


The magic and mystery evoked by the Egypt zone through its setting is obvious in its indoor and outdoor areas which can host a multitude of events. The Lighthouse of Alexandria Square, in addition to the Karnak Temple Square flood each event with power and originality.

  • Dimensions: 1.800 m²
  • Capacity
  • Cocktail Party: 2.000 people
  • Banquet: 900 people


Across from the stately building inspired by the Olympia Theater, we can find a large, open space which is ideal to undertake night-time or daytime events of different types.

  • Dimensions: 600 m²
  • Capacity
  • Cocktail Party: 500 people
  • Banquet: 350 people


Flanked by the Circus Maximus, this space reminds you of the squares of the city of Italica. This is an appropriate space for elegant dinners and themed parties which are inspired by Ancient Rome.

  • Dimensions: 920 m²
  • Capacity
  • Cocktail Party: 1.200 people
  • Banquet: 700 people

Iberia Village

The charm and uniqueness of the Mediterranean culture reach all of their glory in this place – a typical, lively fishing village with whitewashed houses, squares, and fountains. Being able to accommodate more than 1.500 people, this location is the most original option for housing different types of celebrations.

  • Dimensions: 3.000 m2
  • Capacity
  • Cocktail Party: 3.000 people
  • Banquet: 1.500 people


Grand Luxor Hotels has a unique space for holding events of great magnitude: concerts, vehicle debuts, or sporting events are just some of the many options that can be undertaken in the complex’s large parking area. These unique facilities are directly tied into the Terra Mítica Theme Park, in addition to having independent access points and direct exits to the nearest highways.

  • Dimensions: 124.000 m²
  • Total number of spaces: 4.825 family cars

Electric and water hookups available in each aisle upon request.

Likewise available are portable meeting rooms, catering services, test tracks, stages, etc.

And besides

Capacities table

Dimensions (m2)Height (m)CóctelTheaterSchoolBanquet"U"Cars
The Mozarabic Meeting Room3902,8400200250280--
Circus 3.00030---3.000-Yes
Iberia Village3.000-2.500--1.500--

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