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Luxor meeting rooms

The Grand Luxor Hotels have a large area which is designed
exclusively for corporate events to be held without having to leave
of our facilities.

Luxor Large
Meeting Rooms

This 450 m2 meeting room whose ceilings are 7 meters high can be divided into three independent rooms thanks to its paneled divider system. The main room, which has natural light, is accessible by vehicles or machinery of large sizes and it has its own exit to the outside.

  • Dimensions: 450 m2
  • Height: 7 m
  • Capacity
  • Cocktail Party: 450 people
  • Theater: 250 people
  • School: 200 people
  • Banquet: 200 people
  • ‘U’: 50 people

Luxor VIP
Meeting Room

An independent meeting room designed for executive meeting which can hold up to 10 people and is fully equipped with
technological devices, an independent entrance, natural light, and a special coffee break area.

  • Dimensions: 80 m2
  • Height: 2.50 m
  • Capacity
  • ‘U’: 10 people

Outdoor Spaces

Grand Luxor Hotels has different outdoor areas available to you in which
you can undertake any type of event, providing you with a wide range of
possibilities to host the most unique event possible.

Grand Luxor Hotels

Having unparalleled panoramic views over the Mediterranean, two large outdoor terraces are the perfect option for an elegant dinner, a welcome cocktail party, or a presentation in a context that sets your event apart.

  • Grand Luxor Terrace
  • Dimensions: 1.100 m2
  • Cocktail Party: 800 people
  • Banquet: 500 people
  • Grand Luxor All Suites Terrace
  • Dimensions: 850 m2
  • Cocktail Party: 700 people
  • Banquet: 450 people

Capacities table

Dimensions (m2)Height (m)CocktailTheaterSchoolBanquet"U"Cars
Luxor Large Meeting Rooms (1+2+3)450745025020020050Yes
Luxor Meeting Room 12807280015010010050Yes
Luxor Meeting Room 2912,92001001309030Yes
Luxor Meeting Room 3732,9-40303015Yes
Luxor Meeting Room 43513,230020015015040Yes
Luxor Meeting Room 52533,220015010010040Yes
Luxor Meeting Room 63563,230020015015040Yes
Luxor VIP Meeting Room802,5----10-
Grand Luxor Terrace (4*)1.100-800--500-Yes
Grand Luxor All Suites Terrace (5*)850-700--450-Yes
Restaurant 4*9002,9---600--
Restaurant 5*2402,9200604015030Yes
Cafeteria 5*2002,915040306025Yes

Business & Events Dossier

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