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Car presentations at Grand Luxor Hotel

Grand Luxor Hotel, is a national and international reference for the automotive sector in the launching of vehicles. Its large spaces, with the latest technology and totally customizable, make the Hotel a Venue of very exceptional characteristics for launching vehicles.

124,000 m2 of parking space with 4,825 spaces 2,000 m2 of vehicle exhibition space with sea views 1,300 m2 of convention centre with 14 m ceiling and natural light Private parking area access to the convention hall with natural light Ideal environment for vehicle testing ofrroute Covered space in the car park with electricity and drainage

Outside to shine

Choosing the right place, the perfect time… Sometimes it takes a few minutes, sometimes just a second. Finding it is a difficult task and that is why Grand Luxor Hotels offers you the best spaces for car presentations. Bathed in the sun of the Costa Blanca and endowed with a unique personality, you will surprise your audience with a spectacular first impression. Prepare your vehicle launch in a carefully designed exterior, where the spaces can accommodate a multitude of audiences and the possibilities for creation are endless. In addition, the exquisite climate of the Costa Blanca invites you to participate and witness the sunshine reflected on the bodywork of the newest cars. Terraces and open air areas that have a size of more than 1000 m2 and a capacity for more than 1000 people.

Wide and luminous halls

The rooms of Grand Luxor Hotel offer a width and height that few places can offer right now. The possibilities for the development of any event are many and the car presentations are one of the most spectacular actions that can take place within these spaces. Our Luxor hall with paneling system, 450m2, 7 meters high, direct access to private parking and natural light is a perfect space for the presentations of the most exclusive brands and models of cars.

Unique spaces for your brand

In an event of presentation of cars, new brands or models, the first impression counts a lot and having a place that meets all expectations is complicated. However, Grand Luxor Hotel, its more than 13000m 2 usable and the spectacular Pharaoh room with capacity for 1600 people, 1300m 2, with access to vehicles and 14 meters high in a pyramidal format that will impress all your audience.

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