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Benidorm Tuna Week pays tribute to the traditional tuna fishermen

Benidorm is a city which is famous for its party, sun and beach tourism. However, there are many other leisure options, places to visit and things to do. To give you an idea for something different to do, in this article we tell you about Benidorm Tuna Week. 

Benidorm Tuna Week with the almadraberos

In 2019 the first Tuna Week was held on Spain’s Costa Blanca. Benidorm’s cuisine is rich and varied and you will find everything from a good seafood platter to a paella, and dozens of different tapas. It is therefore not surprising that an event is held which pays tribute to the bluefin tuna, one of the best quality and most highly valued local products. This initiative also seeks to pay tribute in a lovely way to Benidorm’s traditions, to its oldest gastronomic aspects, the part of the city most related to fishing and the sea 

In 2019, the week ran from the 4th to the 12th of May, and up to 15 restaurants participated, keen to promote their services, their premises and their quality products. These 15 restaurants that participated had special menus available for the week, for which they cooked and served dishes made with bluefin tuna.

A tribute to the tradition of the almadraberos

For centuries, the people who lived in Benidorm dedicated themselves to almadraba (old technique for tuna capture and catching) in the area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea, so it is a long-lasting tradition. Bluefin tuna is known today as the ‘ibérico pig of the sea’, for its excellent quality and the many ways to prepare the fish: pickled, grilled, baked, stewed, raw, salted, and so on. Moreover, like with the pig, this product make use of all parts of the material, hence the reference.

Bluefin tuna was for many years one of the city’s main products and many people dedicated themselves to fishing for this particular fish. In fact, some of the people of Benidorm who dedicated themselves to almadraba were renowned throughout the world for their expert knowledge of this method of catching tuna.

It is this memory and tradition that they have sought to promote with this event, in which the importance and quality of bluefin tuna is highlighted once more.

So, there you have it. You now know all you need about Benidorm Tuna Week, the options it gives you and what you can expect if you attend. We have also told you a little about the work of the almadraberos and their long-standing tradition and history in Benidorm. Finally, we remind you that if you are looking for a hotel in the city, either to visit for this event or for any other reason, you can contact the Grand Luxor Hotel and find out about our offers, availability and prices.

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