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Aqualandia: welcome to water paradise

If you are planning a trip to Aqualandia, it will help you to know about the best accommodation options, among which we highlight the Grand Luxor Hotel. This superior 4-star hotel has quality facilities and may be the best hotel for children in Benidorm, due to its proximity to the fun water park, a veritable water paradise and the largest in Europe.

But why do we like Aqualandia so much? This water park opened in 1985 and both children and adults will enjoy themselves as never before with attractions for all tastes, from those which will give you an extreme arenaline rush to the more relaxing jacuzzi style attractions. You choose!

Aqualandia attractions

The park boasts numerous fun attractions. First, let’s tell you about the most recommended attractions for children and relaxation. An ideal way to begin your adventure is at the popular Aqualandia Geyser, the spectacular park entrance. Next you can take a moment to relax at the waterfalls of Niagara and the Iguazu jacuzzi. You won’t want to leave! In Adventureland the water guns, coloured balls, mini-slides and water buckets will keep the kids entertained for hours. And if you love the sea as much as we think you do, don’t miss the amazing wave pool, one of the park’s main attractions and a favourite of many.

Let’s raise the excitement level now… Are you in? The so-called Pistas Blandas are the 5 slipperiest slides in all of Aqualandia. On the other hand, the impressive Zig-Zag, which also has its mini version for kids, perfectly combines curves and speed. Don’t forget to go down the mythical Rapids with the doughnut-shaped float, or to try to get through the Laguna aquatic circuit, to plummet upside down with your mat for the Splash attraction or to explore the dark tube with hundreds of curves and maximum velocity.

And now that we’re ready, it’s time to let the adrenaline flow to another level. How about we start with the Big-Bang? Steep slides at 4 different heights that you will never forget. And if you think you can handle free fall, we invite you to enjoy one of the latest additions to the park, Verti-GO. 28 and 33 metres of fall suitable only for the most brave. Lastly, let’s tell you about the excellent Cyclonattraction, launched in 2019. It provides a ride of 200 metres, the largest in the world, 36 metres high, 3 metres wide and with a float for 4 people. The vacuum fall is a legendary whirlpool. Do you dare?

The park offers its visitors pleasant green spaces with shade, a private locker service to store your belongings safely and several picnic areas, as well as restaurants so you don’t need to leave the park at any time.

In short, Aqualandia is an ideal option for a getaway, whether with family or friends. An unforgettable experience awaits you. Book your ticket now!

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