Good morning, my family and I stayed at the Grand Luxor Village from January 7 to 8 in Villa No. 507.
All very new and quiet, with hardly any customers, everything perfect until the day of departure when we noticed some stains on the floor of the living room and kitchen that we had not seen the day before when we entered the villa. There were several stains that looked like mud or feces that you usually step on with your shoes. We checked the shoes and suitcases, they had no stains and that scared us, because we understood that someone could have entered in our absence, when we went to Benidorm in the morning and part of the afternoon of January 7. Neither did we drop anything that would have stained the floor, nor were those stains when we first entered the villa, we would have seen them. In principle, we do not lack anything, because we carry everything of value with us, but just thinking about the possibility that someone had entered our town in our absence is already criminally reportable, since it violates our privacy and intimacy.
There is security at the entrance of the complex and surveillance cameras throughout the premises, I understand that it should be easy to check if someone accessed the villa, not only for giving an answer and clarification to what happened but for the hotel itself.
Of everything denounced in these lines, it was made known to the receptionist who took note.
I wait an answer.
All the best.
Oscar Torromé Sangüesa